An Effective Lessons Learned Process

Twitter has been a great medium for me to learn from and connect with some tremendous leaders and project management practitioners over the past 2 years.  I have had the opportunity to contribute to an e-book, join podcasts, and even get nominated in the Recent Computer Weekly Social Media Awards (vote for me now!).  It is with great honor that I will have some of those thought leaders provide blog contributions here on Kelly’s Contemplation over the next month or so.  To kick off this series, I am tremendously excited to share a post provided by Steve Hart.  Steve has proven to be a thought leader in this space and an excellent supporter of some of the initiatives I work on.  Without further delay, below are his thoughts on Lessons Learned…


In my experience, the best practice area that is most often minimized or entirely overlooked is project closure. At the end of a project, project teams are hurriedly preparing to move onto their next assignment, and miss a prime opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the client organization. Implementation of a consistent continuous improvement practice (aka, the lessons learned process) enables the ability to enhance the organization’s project delivery capabilities with the initiation of each new project. The overall purpose of the lessons learned process is to identify improvement opportunities (things done well, or areas for improvement), and to initiate actionable next steps. In the context of this discussion, improvement opportunities can relate to both the product that was delivered, as well as how the project was planned and executed.

The lessons learned process should have consistent structure and organization from project to project. The following represents the primary steps in the lessons learned process:


Project Closeout

Hello again and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!   Each week I hope to bring you thoughts on Project Management & Leadership that have a balance of simplicity yet enough detail/explanation to add value.  From time to time, I am honored to have a guest entry from friends and colleagues from various industries, roles, and countries.  This is one of those weeks…Laura Bamberg has provided some thoughts on Project Closeout that I think will provide a great compliment to my post earlier in the year, Project Closure – Is the project complete or successful? Continue reading “Project Closeout”

Project Closure Email

Happy Tuesday!  Tuesday?  I know, Kelly’s Contemplation has always posted on Mondays and I apologize for the delay.  As I was thinking what to write about this week, I realized that for the past month or two someone has been searching on “project closure email’ to get to my blog.  So, I thought I would cover that this week and that it would interest at least 1 person.  (hopefully a few more) Continue reading “Project Closure Email”