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I have truly been blessed by the support and collaboration of so many people over the past two years.  Below is not meant to just be a listing of my thoughts around the web, but my way of thanking all those that have invited me to share those thoughts on their various platforms.  I am truly honored by their/your gracious invitations.


Wrike Blog – The Importance of Project Management


Book Contribution – “The Power of Project Leadership”

ITSM Zone Blog – “Top 4 Reasons Project Managers are Stressed”

Workfront Webinar – “The (Unproductive) State of Enterprise Work

The Lazy Project Manager Interview – “The Lazy Project Manager and #PMChat

Workfront E-book – “Transitioning From Waterfall to Agile: Lessons From 20 Experts


Smartsheet – “Project Management Basics Not to be Overlooked

E-Book contribution – “Waterfall to Agile”

CIO Magazine – “11 Project Management Tips for Setting & Managing Expectations

E-Book – “Project Management to Project Leadership from 40 PPM Experts


ESI International – “How to build your project management skills

Tech Pro Research (A ZDNet Site) – “5 Lessons IT Leaders can learn from Obamacare rollout mistakes

SmartSheet Blog – “Winning Takes Care of Everything

PMI’s PMNetwork Magazine (contribution) – “The Right Connections”

OneDesk Blog – “Project Management Mistakes & Developing Lessons Learned


PMI’s PMNetwork Magazine (featured) – “Good for Business”

[Multiple] Blog Contributor for TalkingWork

Video – Fast Company Magazine


Best New Blog of 2011, Runner-Up via Computer Weekly Magazine’s Social Media Awards

What Project Managers Can Learn on Twitter via A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

How Smart PMs Leverage Social Media via Project At Work

Have You Check Out #PMChat? via BrightHub

Top 10 Project Managers on Twitter via The Project Box

Project Management Newsletter October 2011 Edition via Arras People’s Project:Tipoffs

Product Management vs. Project Management – Radio & Twitter Discussion via Global Product Management Talk

Top 10 Issues For Project Managers via the PM Hut


Top 10 Project Management Blogs of 2010 via Computer Weekly Magazine

A Peek Into The Life of Project Managers an E-Book written by Soma Bhattacharya

TalkingWork Interview with Ty Kiisel and Raechel Logan

Are You An Engaged Project Manager? via Geoff Crane’s Papercut Edge

No One Likes Change, But Could They? via Geoff Crane’s Papercut Edge

Basic Earned Value Management (EVM) via the PM Hut

Project Management Newsletter Spring Ahead, Fall Back: Reflection on 2010 Predictions via Arras People’s Project:Tipoffs


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