I am a tremendously blessed man…I have been married for just over 14 years to a beautiful wife that supports me in every way. She is a great mom, minister at our local church, and an awesome friend…she really makes our home & family the great success that it is. I have three wonderful children and I am amazed everyday at their growth and achievements.

Over the last 18 years, my career has really afforded me some wonderful opportunities! In the early days, as a PC technician, I was surrounded by tremendous mentors and was assigned to some great projects. As my career advanced, that theme has always remained the same… Great people, great mentors, and great opportunity! I have worked across a number of industries, with a focus on financial services and technology companies. My experience has encompassed software development, product management, IT Service Management, and Consulting / Implementation of a few Project Management Offices. After years of working with technical resources, legal teams, marketing, procurement, etc to develop and deliver products and services, I have made a recent change to now learn sales! it’s a function that I have collaborated with in the past of course, but now I am out in the field and learning a whole new set of skills! While I surpassed my quotas for the first two quarters, I still have a lot to learn and I am using everything I have learned from the past to hopefully be successful. Time will tell, I will keep you all posted :-)

So where is this blog be headed with my new role in sales? I have no idea to be honest… LOL! Project management spans so many different roles and interactions within business, so I expect to share some things on project management still. We’ll see… And I hope you guys will hang out with me along the journey!

[Updated 14Aug2018]