rkellyI am a tremendously blessed man…I have been married for just over 11 years to a beautiful wife that supports me in every way.  She is a great mom, successful businesswoman, and an awesome friend…she really makes our home & family the great success that it is.  I have three  wonderful children and I am amazed everyday at their growth and achievements.

After years of managing projects at some of the largest investment banks on Wall St., one of largest computer manufacturers, and consulting in personal banking and healthcare; I recognized a common issue across these industries and firms…a lack in effective Project Management.  Broken processes (or none at all!), one-size fits all templates (if anything was even used), and countless software/marketing/infrastructure firms bundling PM into their primary business/offerings.  My passion for the discipline, coupled with my frustration of how 90% of companies leverage it, led me to open my firm in 2011… Kelly Project Solutions, LLC.

While I am the Founder and Managing Partner of KPS, I still take on projects to maintain my skills and understand the market.  As a program/project manager, I do not simply track projects & populate templates, but add value by taking ownership and driving results…a project leader.  By leveraging exceptional interpersonal & thought leadership capabilities, I am able to develop & lead high performance teams through vision casting, goal setting, and project delivery. My emphasis on self-motivation, reliability, and being detailed-oriented consistently permeates throughout the team and project environment.  Additionally, I have leveraged my experience and formal project management training to successfully attain my PMP certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).  This personal experience carries over to the client engagements and KPS Associate development and mentoring.

Additionally, I am the co-founder & co-host of #PMChat, a weekly social media event that brings together some of the brightest minds from around the world.  Project managers, business analysts, IT executives, etc collaborate via Twitter (and other platforms) on the contemporary issues facing our discipline.

If you need focused, efficient, and relevant Project/Program Management solutions, then check us out online and contact us today!  We aren’t distracted by selling some new PM software, developing some ground breaking methodology, or looking to ‘train’ all of your employees.  KPS offers focused, efficient, and relevant project/program management services.  Contact us today!