The Importance of Project Management: My Q&A with Wrike

The Importance of Project Management: My Q&A with Wrike

For many business professionals, project management is often in the back of their minds. Building business and ROI are two of the top priorities for executives, while project management is generally not on their radar.Most people are unaware that not having a proper work management process in place is actually costing them money

We spoke with Robert Kelly, PMO leader and Managing Partner of Kelly Project Solutions, LLC, about the value of project management and the impact it has on business. We also discussed ways to combat chronic low productivity, the evolution of PM technology, and what he predicts project management will look like in 2020. Read the full interview below:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a proud father to three wonderful children and a blessed husband to my wife Jasmin, for going on 12 years now. Professionally, I am an accidental project manager who continues to perfect the craft after 15 years. As the co-founder and host of #PMChat on Twitter, I am always collaborating with some of the best minds from around the world on leadership, project management, and other business topics. Lastly, I am a Managing Partner of Kelly Project Solutions, which is a consulting firm that focuses on Project Management and Communications Leadership for small and mediumsized businesses.

2. What are the top issues you face as a PMO leader?

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4 Essential Project Management Resources

1-2-3-4-5-fingers-on-hand1-resized-600Wondering how to make your project’s run more smoothly?  Are you aware of the resources available to you as a project manager?

Whether you are a project manager or a team member tackling one portion of a project, there are resources available to you that will make your project run smoother.  Continue reading “4 Essential Project Management Resources”

The Basics (really basic) of Meetings

downloadIt’s no secret that meetings are one of the downsides of a career in project management. At one point or another, we have heard someone say “I would love to get that work done and could, if I didn’t have to sit in so many meetings.”  Requirements gathering, design sessions, planning sessions, status meetings, and even meetings to prep for meetings…really, I have had to host a few of those!  With such an emphasis on collaboration, meetings aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  This isn’t going to be a post on how to run a meeting, I am actually going to get even more basic than that.  Similar to my post on email basics, I am reminded daily that too many people are getting the basics wrong. Continue reading “The Basics (really basic) of Meetings”