Consumer Electronics Show is here again!

Consumer Electronics Show is here again!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual event where brands, markets and economies converge in Las Vegas, NV, USA to showcase the future of tech gadgets and technologies.  If you took two-minutes to review the History of CES, I think it would be a great trip down memory lane!

As a project manager, I would love to be tied into the development of some of the Top 10 Products Revealed so far…LG’s 105-inch curved TV or the Bluetooth Toothbrush. So cool! Continue reading “Consumer Electronics Show is here again!”


Three Effective Ways of Securing Your Mobile Data

dataEnsuring that your computer and mobile data is protected has become an essential practice for any business. No longer is paperwork the only concern for organisations in term of privacy protection and considered storage systems. When you want to protect your data, there are three best practices to consider: Continue reading “Three Effective Ways of Securing Your Mobile Data”

How Hybrid Cloud Computing Helps Businesses

ITSecurityThere’s no doubt that hybrid cloud planning is a complex process. Most companies enter the hybrid cloud space wanting the freedom of the open cloud and the security of the private cloud. In most cases – depending on whom you ask – regardless of a company’s size or infrastructural resources this is a win/win situation. However, planning out a hybrid cloud is another story altogether. You need to take into consideration issues related to security, infrastructural needs and a host of other concerns that are beyond the scope of this blog post. The important thing is that you’re ready for the challenges that lie ahead. In this post, we’ll attempt to prepare for your first steps in planning a hybrid cloud. Continue reading “How Hybrid Cloud Computing Helps Businesses”