Project Management Basics Not to be Overlooked

What you may not know is that there is some basic project management knowledge and terminology that is very useful when working with other certified Project Management Professionals. Having some basic project management knowledge is worth it. It might even help you become better organized and lead you to yet another promotion.

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#PMChat Recap via @EdmontonPM

The #PMChat Community is one of the most collaborative forums in social media. Project Managers On Twitter (#PMOT) join us every week, from around the world, to discuss the latest trends in Project Management, Leadership, Careers, and general business topics.

In this post, Martin Chernenkoff, shows the ‘open source’ nature of this community. We never asked that he provide this valuable recap for those that miss (or want to replay the discussion), rather he saw an opportunity to provide value and ran with it. Be sure to check out his blog for past recaps and those going forward. Thank you Martin for your support and effort to do this each week!


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Your Project Success

  1. Martin Chernenkoff – Known as @EdmontonPM on twitter presents a recap of the February 1st 2013 episode of #pmchat

    #pmchat Feb 1 2013 Open Mic compiled by EdmontonPM, editor of – PDU OfTheDay.  Weekdays PDU Of The Day highlights Professional  Development Opportunities for PMs, BAs & Agile Professionals
  2. Welcome to the #pmchat Highlights reel. The Open Mic became a discussion of “differences between” and “this vs. that” This led to a lively discussion and a lot of interesting perspectives and viewpoints.
  3. Ding! Ding! It is 12 PMEST and that means time for #PMChat – Every #PMOT should join us for the next 1hr! ^RK
  4. Introductions are made, and PMs from around the globe are represented.  From the USA – PMs in North Carolina, California, Utah, Pennsylvania and Massechusetts  From the…

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Methodology and GPS Devices

The other day, the family and I were driving across town to a spot that I wasn’t 100% sure as to how to get to.  I knew that as I got closer, the stores and homes would become familiar and I would find my way, but I needed the GPS to get me started on the right path.  So, I punched in the address and hit “go’….calculating….calculating….drive the following path says the GPS.  Within  1/4 of a mile, I took the GPS and started hitting the arrows to show me the next few turns coming up.  I was curious to know which route it was taking me, so I would be prepared for the turns that were coming.  Sure enough, about half way through our trip I said “this GPS doesn’t know.  Why is it taking us that way?  It doesn’t have the new road they just built up here on Falls.  Honey, you can turn that thing off, I know where we are going now.”  My wife left it on to see if my way was any quicker than the GPS planned route…of course it was!

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