The Basics (really basic) of Meetings

downloadIt’s no secret that meetings are one of the downsides of a career in project management. At one point or another, we have heard someone say “I would love to get that work done and could, if I didn’t have to sit in so many meetings.”  Requirements gathering, design sessions, planning sessions, status meetings, and even meetings to prep for meetings…really, I have had to host a few of those!  With such an emphasis on collaboration, meetings aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  This isn’t going to be a post on how to run a meeting, I am actually going to get even more basic than that.  Similar to my post on email basics, I am reminded daily that too many people are getting the basics wrong. Continue reading “The Basics (really basic) of Meetings”


Another meeting!!!

Do you cringe when a meeting invite hits your Inbox? Do you feel like you sit in meetings to discuss meetings? Feel like meetings about what needs to get done are getting in the way of things actually getting done?  As Project Managers, we are usually calling the majority of these meetings…all of us leverage a mix of the following: requirements gathering meetings, weekly team meetings, design meetings, deep dives, executive updates, and so on.  In CNN’s article Best Jobs in America Money, IT Project Management was ranked the 5th best career and its biggest drawback …Hours (and hours and hours) of meetings.”

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