Tell Me What You Want!

ListeningOkay folks, 2012 was a poor year of blogging for me and I apologize.  Those of you that follow my blog & support me with reposts, tweets, etc are too kind and I am honored…you deserve more!

I have re-skinned the blog and will be updated some widgets and my blogroll.  What I want to know is…What Do You Want?  What topics do you want to hear about and it doesn’t have to be Project Management. Continue reading “Tell Me What You Want!”


Does ‘Manager’ Really Belong in the Title Project Manager?

This is going to be a quick post.  I want to throw a thought out there and follow the discussion/comments below…

I had an interesting conversation the other day with an old colleague and he said “Project Management has essentially becoming a stripped down version of management.  They have removed all of the tasks and busy work of management and shifted it to PMs, while leaving them  with little authority.  Most organizations don’t let the PM develop the budget or truly own it. They are given a budget and track against it…sometimes, the project budget is completely yanked right out from under them.  Most decisions that have any real impact are brought before some kind of board via a change process.  They cannot hire or fire anyone.  They usually don’t have a say in the roadmap of projects and often aren’t even told how their initiative effects/supports the organizations strategy.”  He finished with “so why do they have manager in their title?”

 If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that I am a firm believer that most organizations are leveraging project management completely wrong.  I wrote a post on TalkingWork about the value of PM and feel strongly that the plug-and-play approach is a huge mistake for our industry.  Continue reading “Does ‘Manager’ Really Belong in the Title Project Manager?”

Six Ways to Be the Project Leader that Doesn’t Suck

Have you ever had a manager, director, or other form of boss to whom you just wanted to say, “Listen man, you’re ego is really getting in my way”? Okay, maybe those weren’t your exact thoughts. Maybe they were something like, “Hey, stop taking credit for my ideas and my work!” or similar. I believe we have all known or worked with the egotistical “leader” and we can probably all attest to the fact that working for him/her sucks.

My message today is simply this: You know that working for the egotistical leader sucks. So, don’t be an egotistical project leader; be a humble project leader. That way, people don’t think working with you sucks.

Unfortunately, there seem to be some common misconceptions about humility. The dictionary describes being “humble” as “not proud or arrogant; modest”. It also lists the antonyms of humble as “proud, noble, exalted, rude, insolent, elevated”. But for some reason, many equate humility with weakness when the opposite is true.

Dan Rockwell, the Leadership Freak, wrote a post on his leadership blog listing 5 ways to spot a humble leader.  The first on his list is, “Do they focus on others?” This, to me, is the key. So here are six attributes of the humble leader that take the focus off the self and still show true strength and leadership:

1. The humble project leader DOES Continue reading “Six Ways to Be the Project Leader that Doesn’t Suck”