Learning From CEOs: How to Succeed in Business

CEONo one gets to be a company’s chief executive officer without a little innovation, a lot of smarts and some exceptionally hard work. CEOs are often paid a small fortune and while some might dispute the gross compensation many executives receive, there’s no doubt that a chief executive can make or break a company’s financial success. Entrepreneurs are their own CEOs in a way: with a new start up, an entrepreneur takes such a leadership role from the very beginning. Whether the ultimate goal is to start a company and keep it as employment or to create a start up for the purpose of selling it, there is a lot a developing entrepreneur can learn from successful CEOs. Continue reading “Learning From CEOs: How to Succeed in Business”


7 tips to get internal stakeholder buy-in for a new IT project

approvedPicture the scene: You have identified a hole in your IT capabilities and start researching possible solutions. The outcome is positive with a couple of front-runners, both of which will greatly improve the IT department, and business as a whole. Now all you need is commitment from your internal stakeholders to pursue this new avenue. For many IT managers this is a hurdle which is often too big to overcome – internal stakeholders fail to fully engage and the project is never implemented. Continue reading “7 tips to get internal stakeholder buy-in for a new IT project”

Tell Me What You Want!

ListeningOkay folks, 2012 was a poor year of blogging for me and I apologize.  Those of you that follow my blog & support me with reposts, tweets, etc are too kind and I am honored…you deserve more!

I have re-skinned the blog and will be updated some widgets and my blogroll.  What I want to know is…What Do You Want?  What topics do you want to hear about and it doesn’t have to be Project Management. Continue reading “Tell Me What You Want!”