I wanted to kick-off 2016 with a quick note. Nothing too deep or innovative, but something I think many need.

I am not sure if it is just folks having some Monday fun, but my various readers and social media streams get cluttered with depressing memes and quotes of how horrible Monday is. From down and out animals to wishes of beachfront offices, it is depressing!

Here are some things to consider and hopefully you can get a different outlook on Mondays…

Don’t go to “Work”

You may have heard the quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” (or some variation of) and you should absolutely consider that. Regardless of your age/experience level and considering that we spend over 10 years of our lives working (40hrs/ week – age 20-65) , you should seriously think about this. What makes you happy? My wife asks me all the time…”aren’t you tired of being on that computer?” And I can honestly say “no, I really enjoy reading about leadership, business, and project management.” Are there products or topics that you are passionate about? Are there companies effecting aspects of society that would make you proud to be a part of? I speak with so many people that simply got a job out of college or the military and were happy to pay the bills, but 15-20 years later never cared about what they did. I am not saying you up and leave your current employment situation, but this may be the year that you acquire the skills and build the relationships needed to make that jump towards the end of this year. Don’t complain about Monday, use it to change your future!

Monday is your competitive advantage!

Think about it. If everyone else is wasting their Monday morning complaining about Monday and searching for memes to post on Facebook, then you have some 8-10% more time to get ahead (assuming folks complain until roughly lunchtime). Use that time to listen to some Audible books or complete an e-learning course at platforms like edX and/or Coursera. Another option is getting to the office and reviewing your calendar for the week, catching up on email, or sending reminders to those that owe you something in the coming days. Happy where you’re at? Just looking to advance your career? Take that time to review industry articles or review the sales numbers and be prepared for that staff meeting or all-hands department meeting. Don’t complain about Monday, use it for your future!

I have been that guy! I have posted the “Move over Monday…this is a job for Coffee” meme. So I am being very careful about the stones I throw. However, I am resolved to change that attitude and recapture 10% of my work week. I am hoping to nudge a few of you to join me in maximizing our time at the start of each week, so we can excel the rest of it!

How do you get motivated for Monday morning? Taking it a step further, what are your favorite productivity apps/sites/resources?


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