The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual event where brands, markets and economies converge in Las Vegas, NV, USA to showcase the future of tech gadgets and technologies.  If you took two-minutes to review the History of CES, I think it would be a great trip down memory lane!

As a project manager, I would love to be tied into the development of some of the Top 10 Products Revealed so far…LG’s 105-inch curved TV or the Bluetooth Toothbrush. So cool!

While I encourage you to check in throughout this week, I wanted to touch on some areas of interest…

Wearable technology – There was a lot of buzz around Google Glass and Samsung’s Smart Watch in 2013 and based on CES, this trend isn’t slowing a bit!  Vuzix is created video headphones that will create virtual screen via a visor that will connect to mobile devices, gaming consoles and more.  A report coming from Parks Associates, in conjunction with CES, states that healthcare wearable/personal tech will increase 142% over the next 5 years.  Also joining Samsung, Qaulcomm and Pebble are coming out with advancements in the smart watch space.  No wonder Foxconn (best known for assembling Apple’s iPhones and iPads) administered $6.8 million to fund candidates for trials.  Keep an eye out!

Another area that isn’t so corporate and really becomes personal is the Smart or Connected Home.  If you haven’t heard of NEST then you really need to get out more.  The simple design of an often forgot home thermostat has been garnering a lot of attention and tons of awards for the Nest Labs, while opening the flood gates for others at this year’s CES.   Lowe’s is launching home automation kits that go beyond settings alarms and locking doors, but actually monitoring water flow and valves to remotely turn those off if needed.   This will be a fun space to watch.

As we get into more and more of Jetsons reality, it is hard to stay away from automotive tech.  While we aren’t seeing flying cars, Audi is slated to show off their self-driving vehicle, called Piloted Driving, and let’s just say it is much more than adaptive cruise control.  Toyota will be announcing their new cars that run on vapor…fuel cell technology.  After 20 years of working on this, Toyota has confirmed that California has approved $200 million in funding to build 20 ‘fueling’ stations by 2015. Those are certainly great initiatives, but something much more personal and near-term is the connected car.  Just about auto manufacturer has their Bluetooth connectivity and GPS platforms, but AT&T is planning on this space to grow in a major way!  They have invested in a 5,000-square foot testing facility and have already partnered up with GM, Nissan, and Tesla to develop a truly connected platform.  Glen Lurie, head of AT&T emerging devices, said “”More and more, the car will become a smartphone will wheels,” and services will include updates to your cars software, reports and alerts about your cars performance, scheduling appointments based on those alerts with the local mechanic, billing & invoicing, and more.

While some have said CES is an over-hyped trade show, I believe it is a portal into some of the world’s greatest innovation labs.  Of course, some of these products won’t make it to market but an overwhelming number of them will…or some iteration of the technology.  Connect & follow all the action on Twitter: @intlCES


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