flash-mob-danceA few weeks ago, Shim Marom contacted me about an idea he had to bring together dozens of project managers in effort to synchronize a blog post around a single topic.  It was a great idea and within days he was successfully organized the first ever blogging flashmob.

Essentially, the idea is to have a large number of bloggers post an article, in their respective blogs, on the same agreed theme and have them all publish their post at the same date and time. (25Sept @ 1:00 AM GMT or 24Sep @ 8:00 PM EST)

The theme selected  is “What does project management mean to me – a Project Manager’s sermon” and at the time of writing this post 70+ bloggers have already signed-in to this idea.

The image of a sermon was chosen deliberately. It represents an oral delivery where the content is expected to be genuine, convincing, rational and emotional – all required in order to capture the imagination of, and captivate, the audience.

Publication date has now been set to 25/09/2013 @ 01:00GMT and posts will be tagged on social media with #pmFlashBlog.

  • The list of blogs currently committed to this project can be found here
  • An info graphic can be found via Henny Portman’s site here
  • And you can check out an interview with Shim via Naomi Caietti here

Stay tuned as my post will fall in line with Shim’s guidelines and there will be Google Hangouts, #PMChat activity, and more to follow!


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