Career Posts Round-Up

At the beginning of the year, I asked my readers what THEY wanted me to blog about in 2013 and much of the feedback was around career aspects…How to make the shift from Employee to Consultant, developing relationships with recruiters, and how the experienced professional can be competitive in the job market.  I had some great input from the folks at Bridge Technical Talent, as well as industry experts Kendra Andrews and Jeff Lipschultz.  Below is a consolidated post with links to those posts, as well as a few extra at the bottom.

Employee to Consultant…What? How?

4 Tips To Success With Recruiters

The Recruiter and Project Manager Relationship

Job Hunting for the Experienced Candidate

A few extra….

For the male PMs out there, you are a leader and must look like one.  You don’t need to be on the cover of GQ, but you certainly need to present well.  Visit these sites for some insight into dressing for the occasion: &  Sorry ladies, I don’t dare!  Feel free to put some suggestions down below.

Check out these sites as well…

The Grounded Edge – Clear, unfiltered perspective from a recruiters desk
Manager-Tools – Great for job candidates, as well as managers!

As always, I want to talk WITH you and not AT you.  Please submit topics you would like my insight on…or one of the experts in my network.  What are you challenged with?  Leadership areas…managing team members…specific project management issues?  Let me know!


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