Project Management & The Super Bowl

Superbowl2013Here in the U.S. we enjoy a number of sports….NASCAR, Hockey, X-Games and of course our national past time baseball. Regardless of your favorite sport or if you even care about sports there are a few times of year that draw people to the T.V. screen to watch athletes pour their hearts out for the respective bragging rights. The National Football League’s Super Bowl is one of those times. Fans of the last two team standing are of course glued to the TV, but everyone seems to watch for the commercials. Some commercials are racy and others are right hilarious! In any event, there s often a lot of friends, food and drinks that come together for this one Sunday of the year. This screams project management!

  • Concept & Business Case – With the game 2 days away, many of you will be in the same boat as many of my past customer…a little late or crunched for time to do real vision castingand business analysis. Quickly analyze…buy or build? Buy…you pick up a snack and some drinks, head on over to a friends house. Build…you host. Stakeholder analysis will often help on this…does your spouse support a dozen screaming, food spilling friends over the house?  If so, set the budget for your evening.
  • Planning – Assume build (or my blog ends). Think of the major functions…guests, the game, the place, the stomachs, close-out.
    • Guests – Get out invites, remember it is just a few days away…think Evite.
    • The Game – Do you have cable? Do you have a TV? Sound System?
    • The Place – Is it clean? Enough seats?
    • The Stomachs – Do you have food, ice, drinks, plates, etc. Do you have to buy it all? Asking guests to bring? Link back to guests…any food allergies or diet considerations fo your guests?
    • After Party – Does everyone know what time to leave?  Cabs accounted for?  Out of town guest provided for?
  • Develop – Cook, clean, buy ‘stuff’…stay within budget
  • Launch – Have a fun!
  • Close – Ask your friends what they thought and plan for next year.

Don’t forget the tech for this party.  Get all of your streaming and mobile apps in-place ahead of time! Click Here

The other day I asked you all to tell me what you want to hear about in 2013.  Please take the time to visit that post and drop me a line.  I will start with Dale’s, but look forward to more requests.  In the meantime, tell me who you’re rooting for in the big game.


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