Tell Me What You Want!

ListeningOkay folks, 2012 was a poor year of blogging for me and I apologize.  Those of you that follow my blog & support me with reposts, tweets, etc are too kind and I am honored…you deserve more!

I have re-skinned the blog and will be updated some widgets and my blogroll.  What I want to know is…What Do You Want?  What topics do you want to hear about and it doesn’t have to be Project Management.

  • Are you having issues with your boss? Let me know!
  • Have you just taken on your first management role and not sure where to go? Let me know!
  • Has a friend become your manager? That’s always fun…let me know!
  • Confused about BYOD, Virtualization, and the Cloud? Let me know!
  • What about business terms, balance sheets…do they confuse you?
  • Interested in tech firms and want to know some trends?
  • What about resume tips and working with recruiters?
  • Super Bowl predictions?
  • Etc etc etc


2013 is going to be a great year for my blog and that can only happen if you all let me know what you want to hear about.  Try me…any topic (not political or religous) and I will give some thoughts.  Let’s have fun and collaborate more than ever in 2013!  Leave a comment below.


10 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Want!

  1. I want to know where there is a full time Project Manager position that I can start to 02/12/2013.
    If it is not in Jacksonville, Florida. I would need relocation and travel expenses. I need to back to work so I can my life on track, You help is appreciated.

  2. What are some of the ‘outside of the box career opportunities’ for someone who has 30 years experience in IT, two degrees in Management (Human Resources Management, Project Management)? Seeking opportunities that will continue my career and be exciting and challenging. I am not interested in starting over, but moving forward. If you want to generalize it for others that will be fine. Let us know what we need to do to get back in the work force and use our skills?

    1. Dale, thank you so much for taking the time to drop in a comment. Keep an eye out, this will be the first post I write in the next day or so.

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