Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts for Breezy Point

As most of you know, the east coast of the United States took a beating earlier this week.  So many folks lost their power for days and some continue to go without, as their food spoils and many sources of drinking water remain compromised.   While I am concerned and praying for every person that has been effected, there is one community that is dear to my heart and I hope you will consider supporting.  Breezy Point is one of those towns that folks can leave their doors unlocked and the kids can run around without concern for safety.  It has always been that way…as my mother recalls it when she was a little girl, as I remember it as a little boy, and as I watch my 4 year-old nephew.  Not only do I have great memories, friends, and family in this beautiful community, but these folks were hit particularly hard.  Not only did chunks of their homes get ripped up by the 90mph winds and not only did many lose homes to ocean swells ripping through the community, but at least 100 homes burned to the ground.

As many politicize the actions of our two Presidential candidates and folks start debating whether or not the NYC Marathon should go on, these folks still did not have any assistance from FEMA or the Red Cross at approximately 10am this morning.  Seeing the destruction and knowing the families has put an urgency in my heart to help.  My family and I are making plans to drive up to NY, but I am also asking for your help.  Would you please consider donating even $1 to the campaign I have started on Crowdrise?  Everything counts and I know the organizations will get there, but we know the local needs and want to help.  Aside from the fees charged by Crowdrise (which are extremely market competitive) every dollar will go to a resident of Breezy Point.  I have directed that all funds go to the non-profit organization…POINT BREEZE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT INC (EIN: 11-2452399).

Please consider giving AND sharing this cause with your friends and family as well.  Even if you can’t give, pray and share this.

Thank you so much!

Donate Here

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6 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts for Breezy Point

  1. Larry…I am going to call you shortly.

    Trevor…I am not local. Gre up in Long Island and have a lot of family in Breezy, so trying to help from a distance. As far as getting down their and hooked up with folks, there is a Facebook Group called Rockaway Emergency Plan you can follow and they recently posted “Every day. We need boots on the ground volunteers. Find me Jaime Jordan every day at 930 and all day till dark. 219 beach 129th rockaway ny. St francis de sales church. ” and you can email her at

  2. I am looking to go down to breezy point to help out on the ground. My problem is that since I’m from Ohio I won’t have a place to stay while I’m there. Is there anything in place that can house an out of state volunteer? I’m hoping for an answer pretty quickly asbim looking to leave this afternoon. 330-800-6639.

  3. We are insurance agents that specialize in insuring Laundromats. I have put together some of my good customers who are willing to pick up people’s clothes, bring it to their laundromats and return them. We also have some supplies we can drop off. I need this effort coordinated on your end. Can somebody please call my cell. 516-314-2836

  4. Katie & Joe…the point breeze fire department is always looking for help in Breezy. My brother coordinated a cell tower with Verizon, NYC Sanitation got there yesterday, and some pumps are getting in. Some 5 days and they are finally getting some assistance (aside from our prayers and donations). They can always use folks on the ground. It is about to get really cold up there…so think heavy duty gloves, hand warmers, and if you know anyone that can donate some of those outdoor space heaters. If you drive to Breezy and stop at the booth, head over to the shops (Huggy Bears), or go over to the Vol Fire Dept in Breezy – they will get you to work. I am looking to head up later this week.

  5. As well, I grew up in Breezy Point during the summers and would like to fly up and help in any efforts please contact me as well.

  6. My family grew up in Breezy during the summers and it’s had a lasting impression on the generations to follow. I want to help in any way I can. Please let us know how. Already donated but want to be present to help. Please contact me.

    -Irish daughter of NYPD Sergeant Long Islander/Breezy at Heart

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