A Cast Away Returns

Hello Strangers!  I don’t even want to speak of the last time I have posted a new blog…embarrasing! I have been somewhat of a cast away. Anyway, I hope many of you still subscribe and are sticking by me.  I promise to get back to my weekly posts and bring some great guests in to provide some really value-added content.  All that to say…I am sorry!

What better way to come back then just yank the bandaid right off!  Some may have already dropped for my lack of posts starting in 2012 and some others may drop right after they read this post.  Either way, I am really focused on a few things in 2012…moving away from text-book answers and getting into real engaging discussions about actual best practices.  Not that text books don’thave some really good insight…the research conducted by some really smart authors certainly gos a long way. The next topic/focus for 2012 will be around the business value, education, and ‘assimiliation’ of project management into the business and not being buried in IT.  There is so much jargon, PM-speak, and so on that moves us further away from the business and that is completely opposite of where we need to go.

While I have been somewhat deliquent in my posts here, I have been very much engaged in project management discussions…#PMChat, LinkedIn discussions, speaking engagements, and so on.  And what I have found is that everyone is an expert!  It is amazing to me how a dozen reports point to project failure rates hovering around 50% (at best!!) and everyone on Twitter says they do it right….amazing!  I get it, Project Management is a heavy consulting world and our knowledge is our marketing material.  So everyone is jockeying to be the next thought leader in this space.  Unfortantely, we are doing ourselves (as a community) a disservice by not sharing real-time case-studies on screw ups and lessons learned.  We have the greatest University or Mentorship Program at our fingertips in social media, yet most people are too worried about coining the next phrase.

My challenge to the PM Community is to be real and engage.  I don’t mind the response “PMBOK says…. but I have seen success doing it this way”  or “PMBOK says to do it this way, but I tried it like that and it flopped!”  Twitter streams have turned into a string of Webinar announcements and product give-aways.  It is more like QVC, a continous stream of product, than broadcast television with content and occasional commercials.

If you share a blog…comment on it, challenge it and then share.  Let’s engage and learn from one another.  By the way…#PMChat and #pmot are not being trolled by too many recruiters, CIOs and other potential clients (that often).  So lighten up, let’s learn together.


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