Give Back This Holiday

If you are a project manager, in course of time you have been helped- by your team, your mentor, your family, someone who believed in you and took a risk with you.

Project Management is a great profession and I have written over and over how beautiful and warm the project management community over the web is. When I started out, I’d have really great people stopping by to comment and encourage to keep on writing and learning. I have learnt more in trying to keep the blog going which meant I had to know something today to write for tomorrow. I am ever grateful for all the happiness and encouragement received through the web and some of them who have over the years become close friends and mentors.

This holiday season is your time to give back to the project management community and be thankful for the blessings, recognitions, testimonials and great projects that you have done.

  • Volunteer your time- Volunteer where your time matters and someone can learn from you. Volunteer with organizations where people can learn your PM skills, help out schools, teach kids to organize or just work with someone who needs help.
  • Forgive someone- Let the mistake not be the last impression, give your mentee or junior worker the chance to grow as well. Remember your first days at work and how you have been helped.
  • Give someone a referral- help out someone today, if they are looking for jobs, mentors or a good opportunity. We all remember, our first break, don’t we? Let someone get theirs today- through you.
  • Take a newbie under your wings- Give back by helping someone really learn. If you have limited time, convey that before you take on a mentee. Help someone groom or don’t have time at all, connect the newbie to a trusted friend.
  • Be a mentor- You will be thanked all your life, show someone how to live in the industry, be the guide and be there. Happiness in seeing your mentee grow, fight it out and succeed everyday one step at a time.
  • Be Resourceful- You have the links, the power, the connections and a little bit of time- invest in creating a project management community that will help a lot of people and if possible give it away for free. Not everyone can afford to pay but everyone should have the opportunity to learn. This is the least you can do.
  • Donate- The books you won’t read again- give it away through your blog or twitter, let someone else find the value.
  • Behave and inspire- Let the newcomer feel welcome. I have never forgotten my first boss and mentor who treated me as his equal while I was fresh out of college and knew nothing. And all these years I have wanted to become a manager like him- soft spoken, well behaved and inspiring to everyone else with great work ethics. Respect and be respected.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Soma Bhattacharya is a project manager who loves to blog ( and keep a very active community ( going that connects newbies with project managers. This her way of giving back to the community that she is very grateful for.  You can also connect with her through twitter at @Soma_b.


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