The Secret To Success Is…

“The essence of team sports is the cause. Believing in it, committing to it, enlisting others to join it.  Whatever else sports it, the cause represents the connective tissue between the athletes and the experience.  Success is determined not only by the talent but by a collective belief that the cause is worthy of the sacrifice.”

~ Excerpt from Coming Home, Playing On by Tim Keown (ESPN Magazine, Sep 19, 2011)

The purpose of this article was to share the stories of US military personnel that return to college after serving their country and particularly join various sports teams at their respective university/college.  The article goes on to speak about how their experiences during the war provide a source of leadership, strength, etc to both the athlete and his/her teammates. While that is a valid point, value of experience, I want to focus on the excerpt and how it relates to project management.  Tim did a phenomenal job capturing the what is takes to achieve success on projects…”Success is determined not only by the talent but by a collective belief that the cause is worthy of the sacrifice.”  A project requires every function to work together in order to achieve success.  The best developer on the market will not be able to secure end-user adoption and the most comprehensive statement of work (SOW) will not prevent defects. Everyone must work together to execute within their function for project success.

Kelly Projects Solutions is in the middle of a blog series recapping the recent Triangle Business Growth Expo and you will see comments from the various speakers that compliment this very concept of team work for success…Mr. Crisco accredits NC’s success, mentioned in our first post, on the partnership between state, county, and local officials/parties and their ability to come together on a vision and then pull together in the same direction.”  I have an inside track on these posts, so I know in the coming week you will hear about the Chairman of Dole Foods speaking to this point and the Regional Leadership Panel speak about the Triple Helix as a reason for Raleigh’s success.

If you are a Project Manager and want a successful project, then you must build a collective belief that the cause is worthy of the sacrifice (time, effort, etc)!


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