The Project Lifecycle In Pictures (Sarcasm)

As many of you know, my post yesterday was an attempt to explain the project lifecycle without the use of words…a picture blog.Β  I was very happy at the response and feedback, but there were a number of you that thought it was going to be a more humorous/sarcastic take on it.Β  Always eager to please and being bilingual (English and Sarcasm) I have provided that version below.Β  Enjoy.

I would love to hear your captions for each step…

Idea...kind of? One of?
Market Reseach
Smoke and Mirrors...I mean business case
Executive Support

Risk & Change Management
Quality Assurance
Executive Sign-Off
Lessons Learned? I'm Out Of Here!
Archive? Aren't We Going Green?

12 thoughts on “The Project Lifecycle In Pictures (Sarcasm)

  1. Hi Kelly,

    I really liked your post. This is Joe from Pictofigo( If you see my site, you will find that i am making drawings targeting the Project Management domain. I am leading a web development company here as well. I really liked the pictures that you have posted and I wish to make some more relevant pictures. Can you please mail me some more ideas at:

    We are in twitter as well. You can search me by the name “pictofigo”.

    Look forward to hear from you.



  2. lol, this is a good one, kelly. i really the teaming picture. anyway, can i use them for my presentation slides? hope you wouldn’t mind.

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