PM Motto? It Depends on…

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their patience as some folks hacked into my blog and seemed to be having some fun with it for a few weeks.  No, I am not selling watches and I am not a spokesperson for the little blue pills.  Many of you are subscribers and received the automated post notifications and I apologize.  This blog is on the free platform and I have submitted a few tickets for their review, in addition to scanning local computers and changing passwords.  I believe the issue to be resolved, but if not I will look to shift to another platform and shut this down.

On to the post.

In a recent newsletter from KPS, we discussed how “It depends…” could be the motto for Project Management.  Do you need a PMP?  It depends on….  Is Agile right for my project?  It depends on…  Even if you ask about what a successful PMO looks like, you will here “It Depends…” As many of you know, Management and Project Management have very similar attributes and this space is no different.  If you read enough about management topics you will see a number of approaches and “It depends…” throughout that space as well.  Should manage with a do as I say and don’t questions approach…it works for some roles, but it depends.  Do I build and manage via influence and a more relational approach? Well, it depends.  Should I motivate employees with bonuses and incentives or with recognition, advancement, etc?  It depends.

Let’s look at another space…entrepreneurship.  This morning, I was reading “How To Raise an Entrepreneur” in The Wall Street Journal and I saw another “It Depends…” moment.  As the title suggests, the author is writing a piece on what people can do with/for their children to develop that entrepreneurial instinct in them.  At one point, the article goes into the effects of sports and Arthur Blank, Co-Founder of Home Depot, says that he believes team sports are what help develop a child’s ability to lead, play as a team, overcome obstacles, etc.  However, if you read on you run into the “It depends…” when Jim Kock, Founder of Boston Beer Co., refers to the risk taking, analysis, and decision making that are developed through solitary endeavours like mountain climbing.

With all of these shifting ideas and experts, how do you know which approach to take?  As it turns out, I have the Kelly Approved PM Approach.  If you click here and buy this watch you can get that silver bullet…and I will throw in a bottle of blue pills.  Sorry, had to joke about the blog hacking thing one more time.  On a serious note…if you have heard me speak, read some of my posts in the past, or listened to my podcast TalkingWork with Raechel Logan and Ty Kiisel then you know that I am very much in favor of a project FRAMEWORK.  I firmly believe that people need to study different project management methodologies so they can develop a tool box of techniques to effectively manage projects.  Just as managers can’t be all-out, 100% visionary leaders; PMs can not be 100% traditional waterfall.  Just as managers can not develop staff as if they all have the same skill-set and career goals, PMs can not simply implement the same templates across various clients/projects.  Over at KPS, we wrote about this a few weeks back… I’m a Pig Going Over a Waterfall.

Once you get to a point that you can pull the right tool from your toolbox, then you can find your groove and manage projects more successfully AND have more fun at it!  There isn’t a magic bullet, you can’t download a one-size fits all PMO, and one method isn’t always better then the other.  They all have their right place, right time and you need to be able to ‘translate’ them to fit the challenge at hand.


A quick note about KPS…Kelly Project Solutions is the firm I recently stood up and I am very excited about it!  I would be honored if you check us out on Twitter and friend us over at Facebook.  I promise, never any ‘selling’ of KPS and always different content at the different sites.  Lastly, we are building our bench and are always looking for excellent talent.  If you or someone you know is passionate about project management, point them hereThank you so much for your continued support!


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