Was 2010 All You Hoped It Would Be?

Wow!  I feel like I have not posted in a while and I apologize.  My last two posts were certainly not project management core topics, but I felt very strongly about the topic/s…Leadership, drive, faith, and keeping your dreams alive.  I really do hope that you enjoyed the notes I shared from my time with Dr. Peter Daniels.

As the year ends, everyone will be celebrating their respective holidays around the world.  For me it is Christmas and I will have almost 12 people staying with us!  This video will sure capture the joy of family… click the following image for a quick laugh…

For me 2010 was a great year in project management, which I feel followed some of the trends…either industry trends, socia media, etc

  • I earned my PMP certification which was key topic of discussion throughout the year…worth it or not?  Qualifies a PM or not?
  • I continued to work a green project, optimizing and growing our Asset Recovery Services Business.  Essentially, we provide business-class recycling solutions for large companies’ aging IT assets in some 40+ countries around the world.
  • I started with the social media thing…writing this blog started in May or so and I was so honored to be shortlisted for ComputerWeekly’s top 10 IT Blogs in Project Management for 2010!  I also started with the Twitter thing and quickly grew to almost 500 ‘followers’, which has been awesome.  I have really learned a lot by following some great folks and ‘met’ some wonderful people.  I would love to connect.
  • Sadly, I have felt the pain in the lack of adoption of more collaborative project tools.  I volunteer managing productions at my Church and leverage Smartsheet which I find to be a pretty solid tool.  I little light in the budget and resource tracking space, but overall a very easy tool.  My organization is looking into EasyProjects, but the licenses, training, support and such has been almost non-existant.  So, I find myself leveraging MS Project, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint via email…churn, waiting, version control – ugh!

Enough about me.  I would really love to hear how your 2010 went.

  • How did your career progress?
  • Accomplish any monumental projects?
  • See any trends come to fruition in your space?
  • Lastly…what are looking for in 2011?

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