Keeping Your Dreams Alive

Wow!  It seems like forever since my last post! My apologies, with the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states I have focused on more time with the family and a little less time on the computer.

The last time we spoke, I shared notes from meetings I attended with Peter Daniels.  It is a rare opportunity to learn from a billionaire for 4 days in a relatively small setting (not in some arena).  This week I am to continue and finish sharing notes from those sessions.  I know some of this isn’t tradictional Project Management or heavy leadership stuff, but it should be at the core of every person wishing to succeed.

On the topic of faith, Dr. Daniels leans heavily (as do I) on his relationship with God to provide direction, confidence/faith, and energy to achieve success…

  1. Faith turns weakness into Strength
  2. Faith Inspires Action

With regards to dreams Peter Daniels said these 2 key points…

  1. Dreams without plans are simply fantasies.  Dreams are great! (with a plan)
  2. Add up everything you own (your house, clothes, jewelery, motor car (I like his Australian accent and terms), home, etc.  Then take of 20% and that is your net value.  Finally, divide that by the number of years worked and that will tell you what you have traded your life for… (Worth * 20%)/yrs worked = Traded Your Life For

Are you happy where you are at?  Are you really chasing your dreams?  Do you have a plan to get there?  At the end of the day, will you be satisfied.  “A big dream, small dream, or no dream all cost the same when it is all said and done” ~Peter Daniels

Okay, so you have a dream and you know there is more for you to accomplish,  but you just keep getting knocked down and doors are closing every turn you take…what do you do?

  1. Get up, get your second wind and give it more! Peter Daniels told a story of a man in Australia that had very little, owned a small service station.  He told Dr. Daniels how he went to the first bank for a loan, then the second…third…fourth and each one told him “no!” to a loan.  Dr. Daniels said “So what did you do?”  The man said it was the 89th bank that said yes.  A few decades later, the man is a millionaire.  Don’t give up!
  2. Repair a broken principle – You have to have principles, core values that drive you.  Reflect, be honest and figure out where you gave in somewhere.
  3. Get your spirit right…
    1. Be honest with yourself.  Are you going to poker night when you could be reading about your industry?  Are you watching TV when you could be reviewing your process?
    2. Learn to love again!  The passion and faith you have in yourself and product/service is what will sell and draw clients.
    3. Create some power.  Your words, knowledge are the keys to your success.  Creating knowledge power will allow you to strategize better, respond quicker, and become an industry expert.
    4. Make a commitment – Commit to success.  Commit to getting back up when you get knocked down. So much talk about exit strategies, commit to success
  4. Create a Plan – What is success?  How will you measure success?  Now create a plan on how you will achieve that vision..step by step.
  5. Exercise Will Power – Without will power, you will become lazy and deviate from the plan.  Hanging out with your buddies, watching football all weekend and Monday nights, etc.  can get in the way of progress.  Yes, you need a life, but you must not let ‘stuff’ get in the way of your plan.  Especially excuses.
  6. Prepare for the long haul.  If you have truly set a dream before you, then it is not going ot happen over night.  There are going to be bumps in the road and distractions along the way, so realize that achieving your dream will take time.  As long as you are making progress, keep trucking.
  7. Create Checkpoints.  You don’t want the long haul to become an excuse…”I am hanging with the buddies this weekend, but it’s okay because this is a marathon not a sprint”.  To keep yourself honest, you need to set a plan and then have checkpoints against that plan.  This will help you know that progress is truly being made.

Again, that was traditional PM kind of material but I hope it can add some value to your journey.

I would love to hear about some of the ways that you keep yourself motivated when a door has been closed or you have been knocked down time and time again.  Drop me a line!


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